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Wondering how well this all works?  My "guestbook" entries are unedited testimonials from my clients...

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You can choose to live in happiness... I can help!

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I am now specializing in Anxiety reduction and elimination.  Encompassed in this are techniques to reduce the harmful effects of stress and techniques to increase self-esteem.

I will first, help you reduce and eliminate anxiety, reduce the effects of stress, and build a healty self-esteem. I will then teach you these techniques to use yourself if and when you may experience the need!

Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping or EFT are both tools for making life changes that utilize natural processes.  As they both use natural processes, they  enhance  in-born mechanisms that exist in every human being and  and are medication free!  I encourage you to research each of these methods thoroughly !

Hypnotherapy and EFT are highly effective as individual tools, and are often combined to provide a heightened  level of positive change.

All sessions are personalized for each client, respecting personal belief systems as well as understanding you are the only authority on you, your feelings, wants, and needs...
Payment Information:  I accept cash and/or checks (however,I do prefer a check) Please contact me personally as how to pay for a SKYPE session

To Learn More

Click on the buttons at the left for more information.  I encourage you to search the Internet and read all you can find about both Hypnotherapy and EFT/Tapping.  Of course you may always text, call, or email me for more information or answers to your questions!

Please Note:

Although highly effective, neither Hypnotherapy nor  EFT are cures or medication and should not be utilized as a replacement for seeing your medical expert.  Hypnotherapy or EFT (tapping) are not considered psychotherapy, psychiatry, or marriage family therapy. 

We advise anyone seeking to use these techniques to check with their medical professional prior to engaging in their use.
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